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APex Legends

Buy Apex Legends
1 Month
GBP 15.00

Buy Apex Legends
3 Months
GBP 36.00

Buy Apex Legends
GBP 54.00

Apex Legends cheat
Windows 10/11
Origin & Steam
  1. Enemy health & shield
  2. Items
  3. Glow assistance
  1. Adjustable smooth & FOV
  2. Aim prediction & custom Aim Key
  3. No recoil & no sway
  4. Radar sence (enemy notification)
Special options
  1. Lag mode
  2. Fixed position mode


We always recommend people to use a spoofer while using cheats in games. If you were previously banned in Fortnite then with our spoofer you will be able to play the game again. You have to run spoofer first and only then you can run the game. 

You'll receive all the necessary information regarding the cheat and the spoofer and how to use them without getting banned.
All our cheats are very easy to operate and will require minimal effort from you. 


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